SEMI-Automatic Surgical Face Mask Machine

ST-AMM (Without Conveyor)

SEMI-Automatic Surgical Face Mask Machine

( 1+N )

The Mask Making Process is achieved by One Blank Mask Machine and one/two/Three... Ear-loop Welding Machine.

Maintain high-speed and ultra-stable process
Under the operation with ultra-high speed, maximum speed of surgical mask machine up to 120 pieces per minute, N95 up to 80 pieces per minute, and KF94 up to 90 pieces per minute, the mask production lines still maintain high quality of production, passing rate ≥98%, and stable manufacturing process, which makes you become the most trustworthy and sought-after supplier in the market.

Online automatic packaging achieves manufacturing process integration
We have achieved the integration of automation and production, providing production visualization, HMI touch-screen controlling, automatic complete making including nose holder inserting, pattern welding, ear loop welding, size & shape cutting, sponge strips sticking, etc., automatic ink jet and UV printing, deviation correction system, and online packaging system. Highly automatic control ensures the production process is more sustainable, accurate, energy-efficient, making you worry-free about all process.

High automation control system to maximize the efficiency
With our meltblown production lines, the fastest delivery period is 10 to 15 days, and the features of meltblown nonwoven machine are installation-easy and high automation, which makes you quickly enter the market, start your production, acquire market share as well.

Turn-key and customized solutions for your business
By accumulation of decades of experience and professional technology, we always keep the best professionalism and service. Our experienced experts will provide you with customized solutions fitting your needs for business, and turn-key service from the planning and installation of production equipment, implementation of staff training, facility adjustment and after-sales service.

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The Semi-automatic Mask Making process is achieved by One Blank Mask Machine and one/two/three... Ear-loop Welding Machines.

The Blank Mask Machine is for disposable mask from material feeding, nose wire inserting, blank mask welding/folding/cutting.

The Ear-loop Welding Machine is used for mask earloop welding, including the Inner Earloop/Outer Earloop. The operation is simple and the welding point is firm and beautiful. The Earloop Folding Function makes the following mask packing process easier and pretty.

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