The fabric inspection machine is a set of necessary special equipment for testing cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber and other fabric before production in the garment industry.

The basic structure of the fabric inspection machine includes 1) fabric unwinding, 2) fabric inspection table, light source and lighting; 3) coding device; 4) fabric finishing device; 5) starting, reversing and braking device.

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With China's entry into the WTO, the business relationship between domestic textile manufacturers and international well-known brand clothing sales companies has become more and more close. At the same time, there are more and more quality problems and disputes of clothing fabrics. The provision of accurate and reliable clothing fabric inspection data, It is closely related to the fate of the textile industry and enhances the competitiveness of the international market. It is necessary to use the cloth inspection machine to adapt to the WTO competition in the textile, printing and dyeing industries, and to accurately and timely record the cloth defect and number, and provide the customer with the cloth inspection report with complete information.

Traditional manual cloth inspection workers can find up to 200 defects within 1 hour, and the concentration of manual cloth inspection can be maintained for 20-30 minutes at most. After this time, the cloth inspection will cause fatigue, and the cloth inspection speed is only 5-20 m/min. Exceeding this rate will result in missed tests.

Automatic fabric inspection machine, which can replace manual labor, automatically inspect and grade the cloth, cut it, and mark the defects. The automatic cloth inspection machine relies on the reflection of the light source and the light guide to inspect the cloth. The normal cloth inspection speed can reach 120 m/min. It works by the terminal control system, and the detected defects can be displayed on the screen. The speed is fast and simple, it can adapt to high-frequency defects or new defects that rarely occur, and has a memory function, which can calculate and process more defects. The automatic fabric inspection machine can be used to classify the fabrics, and perform the function of statistical memory storage of the defects of the inspected fabrics. The automatic fabric inspection machine makes the inspection of the fabrics move to the road of automation. Technology will enter textile enterprises and form one of the important links of automation.

How to choose a right fabric inspection machine ?

The customer need to know if the fabric inspection machine manufacturers have good reputation, and whether have widely customer reference.

If the customer want to choose a most suitable fabric inspection machine, they need to know if the machine are suitable for the their fabric type, such as woven fabric request the inspection machine can rewinding the fabric roll are very tightly, and the knitted fabric request the fabric inspection machine to control the fabric tension very well.

fabric inspection machine price have different level, if customer request the high specification structure, then then the machine price will be high, if only need a simple inspection machine, then the price can be very low.

Anyway customer can reference above tips to help them choose a most suitable machine, they can also tell the machine supplier their demand and let the machine supplier give them a most suitable solution.

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