SUNTECH Motorized Beam Trolley (ST-MBT-02I) embodies a range of remarkable enhancements, surpassing rigorous European standards and offering unparalleled ease of operation. This engineering marvel effortlessly handles weave beams weighing up to an impressive 1800 kilograms, accommodating various beam widths with precision. Notably, it boasts an additional loading capacity of 300 kilograms, exclusively dedicated to harnesses.

Distinguishing itself in the realm of electric Motorized Beam Trolleys, SUNTECH Textile Machinery proudly presents three exceptional systems: the drive system, the beam lifting system, and the harness mounting system. These ingeniously engineered components work harmoniously to ensure optimal functionality, all powered by motorized excellence.

motorized beam trolley

1. Driving System

The motion trajectory of the Motorized Beam Trolley is skillfully controlled by applying force to the handle, effectively governing the operation of two driving wheels and three supporting wheels.

(1) When the goal is to retract the beam lifting system, a smooth transition can be achieved by adjusting the lever to a linear position, followed by a clockwise rotation of the speed knob. This orchestrated movement propels the trolley forward, allowing efficient traversal over long distances.

(2) For accessing weave beams or looms, a gentle rotation of the handle to the vertical position initiates the extension of the beam-lifting system. Once in this position, a clockwise twist of the speed knob sets the trolley in motion. Importantly, the alignment between the trolley and the beam/loom can be finely adjusted independently by deftly maneuvering the left or right driving wheels. This precise control is facilitated by the electronic steering mechanism, ingeniously operated through the handle, requiring minimal physical effort.

When the trolley nears the beam or loom, the operator can easily identify and adjust the position of the hook to effortlessly load or pick up the beam.

In this scenario, we leverage the remarkable capabilities of the 'Side Shift Function,' enabling the hook to traverse an impressive distance of 100 millimeters to either the left or right, while the trolley remains securely stationary. This ingenious feature proves invaluable for precisely adjusting the beam's placement within confined spaces, saving time and maintaining safety protocols. Unlike traditional oil cylinders, this function is smoothly operated by an electric linear actuator, ensuring enhanced reliability and ease of maintenance.

Moreover, the hook showcases a versatile design that accommodates various beam heads, including those manufactured by esteemed companies such as The Picanol and Toyota. This adaptability is facilitated by removable pads, guaranteeing a seamless fit and enabling smooth and secure handling of a wide range of beam types.

2. Mounting System for the Harness

The operator possesses complete mastery over the multi-directional movement of the harness mounting device, effortlessly commanding its ascent, descent, extension, and retraction using either the ergonomic handle or the user-friendly remote control. This exceptional level of control enables the smooth loading and unloading of heald frames and droppers, leading to heightened operational efficiency.

At the core of the harness mounting mechanism lies the electric linear actuator, a dynamic force that propels the precise movements necessary for seamless integration onto looms. By utilizing the handle, operators can swiftly position the harness mounting device initially. Once securely in place, the operator can transition to the opposite side of the loom, offering an unobstructed viewpoint to execute precise and meticulous insertion using the remote control. This meticulous process embodies the epitome of convenience, accuracy, and safety, ultimately creating an optimized working environment.

At SUNTECH Textile Machinery, we passionately recognize the transformative impact of digitization and technology across various sectors, including healthcare, education, and work environments. As a result, we remain firmly committed to driving innovation and consistently staying at the forefront of technological advancements. We seamlessly integrate these advancements into our textile machinery to deliver unparalleled value and future-forward solutions.