In the world of garment production, precision and efficiency are paramount. To achieve the highest quality results and minimize waste, two crucial steps are fabric relaxation and pre-shrinking. These processes are fundamental in ensuring that fabric can be accurately cut and shaped, ultimately determining the longevity of the garment. Enter the SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine, the latest innovation from SUNTECH Textile Machinery, designed to revolutionize fabric relaxing.

Seamless Fabric Feeding:

The machine boasts an ingenious design that flawlessly unwinds fabric with the aid of two motor-driven rollers and inverters. This meticulous process guarantees a tension-free fabric feed, preserving the integrity of the material. Whether you're working with delicate silks or robust denims, this machine ensures a consistent and reliable fabric feed.

Photocell-Controlled Lazy Loop:

As the fabric advances through the machine, it encounters a meticulously controlled lazy loop, guided by advanced photocell technology. This innovation ensures the fabric returns to its original state, effectively minimizing any residual tension. The precision of the photocell control means that even the most delicate and stretchy fabrics are handled with care, preventing any distortion or damage.

Air-Flotation Zone:

One of the standout features of SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine is its incorporation of an air-flotation zone. This zone facilitates comprehensive fabric relaxation, significantly reducing the time required for this critical process. By harnessing the power of air flotation, this machine excels at handling fabrics of various weights and compositions, making it suitable for a wide range of garment types.

Compatible Output Fabric Roll:

The relaxed fabric roll produced by this machine is perfectly compatible with automatic spreading machines. This compatibility not only saves time but also optimizes workspace efficiency during subsequent manufacturing steps. This means that you can seamlessly integrate the relaxing machine into your existing production line, enhancing productivity without major workflow disruptions.

Automatic Edge-Alignment System:

Ensuring precision and accuracy, the fabric relaxing machine comes equipped with an Automatic Edge-Alignment System. This system keeps edge-alignment errors below 6mm, guaranteeing that fabric is perfectly aligned for cutting and shaping. Say goodbye to costly rework due to misaligned fabric edges.

Accurate Length Counting:

This innovative machine offers reliable length counting in both yards and meters, with counting errors minimized to within an impressive 0.1m/km. Accurate length measurement is essential for efficient material planning and cost control, and the fabric relaxing machine delivers on this front with remarkable precision.

Optional Automatic Width Measuring Device:

For those who require online measurements, an optional Automatic Width Measuring Device is available. This feature enhances accuracy and convenience in fabric preparation. With real-time width measurements, you can make adjustments as needed to meet your precise specifications.

And SUNTECH Textile Machinery incorporating an innovative vibrating table into the fabric relaxation process. As the fabric reaches the air duct on the conveyor belt, the vibrating table and airflow work together to gently shake the fabric, ensuring the complete release of any remaining tension. This additional step is essential in preventing fabric shrinkage during subsequent processing stages, delivering truly tension-free results.

FAQs of SUNTECH Fabric Relaxing Machine

Q1: How long should fabric wait before cutting after using the fabric relaxing machine?

A: No waiting is required! Typically, with normal or manual relaxation methods, fabric should rest for 6~24 hours before cutting. However, with our Fabric Relaxing Machine, you can cut the fabric immediately, eliminating the need for waiting time. This instant readiness can significantly expedite your production processes.

Q2: What types of fabric are suitable for relaxing on the fabric relaxing machine?

A: Our machine is versatile and suitable for all types of fabric, with a special focus on elastic knitted fabric and woven fabric with spandex, such as denim. The Triple Relaxing feature ensures effective release effects. Whether you work with delicate textiles or heavy-duty materials, the machine can handle them all, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Q3: How do I install the machine?

A: Our machines are shipped as complete units, eliminating installation worries. You may require an engineer to perform simple installation and wire adjustments according to the provided circuit diagram, and your machine will be up and running immediately. This hassle-free installation process ensures minimal downtime and a swift transition to enhanced fabric preparation techniques.