As a distinguished and renowned brand within the textile machinery industry under the esteemed STRENGTH Group, SUNTECH textile machinery has amassed a wealth of expertise since its establishment in 1970. Throughout the years, we have diligently cultivated our knowledge in the fields of development, manufacturing, supply, and sales of textile machinery. Our primary focus lies in crafting top-of-the-line textile finishing machines and material handling equipment, with particular emphasis on the revolutionary AI Intelligent Fabric Inspection System, SThinkor, and the eco-conscious Electric Warp Beam Trolley Series, STelego. In the present day, we proudly present a groundbreaking opportunity to textile mills worldwidean impeccably automated and sustainable solution that opens up new horizons for the industry.

SUNTECH Textile Machinery

Development History of SUNTECH Textile Machinery

In the 1970s, SUNTECH Textile Machinery emerged as an esteemed state-owned enterprise, aiming to revitalize China's textile industry. A significant milestone was reached in 2000 when we pioneered the introduction of the first automatic fabric roll-packing machine. This groundbreaking innovation marked our commitment to driving technological advancements in the field.

As our journey progressed, we ventured into fabric material storage and handling equipment, successfully establishing a distinguished line of specialized machinery. Among our notable achievements is the globally acclaimed SUNTECH Computerized Warp Beam Storage System, which holds the esteemed position of being the industry leader in terms of sales.

Through unwavering dedication to automated textile machinery, SUNTECH achieved a significant milestone in 2009 when our overseas sales exceeded 15 million dollars for the first time. Building upon this success, we introduced the highly sought-after electric warp beam trolley technology in 2010, swiftly becoming one of the flagship offerings within SUNTECH's manufacturing portfolio.

In 2013, a pivotal moment arrived with the establishment of the Strength Group, where SUNTECH proudly became the premier specialized brand for textile machinery under this global entity. This marked a new era for our brand, bolstering our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions across the industry.

Between 2013 and 2018, SUNTECH Textile Machinery received recognition for its excellence, securing 11 patent certificates and 9 national software copyrights. These accolades paved the way for our expansion into research and development, leading us to manufacture special rapier looms specifically tailored for materials like glass fibers and carbon fibers, a groundbreaking venture that commenced in 2019.

In response to the severe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, SUNTECH Textile Machinery pivoted its focus towards the production of nonwoven machine lines. This strategic shift led to the development and acquisition of the STair technology patent, enabling the mass and rapid production of nonwoven fabrics.

Throughout our journey, SUNTECH Textile Machinery has remained unwavering in our commitment to technological innovation. We continuously strive to provide customers with automated and AI-driven solutions, positioning ourselves as specialists in delivering cutting-edge technology for modern textile mills.

Vision & Mission

1. SUNTECH Vision:

By 2030, we envision SUNTECH becoming a world-class brand, with our textile business securing the top position in China's export volume. This ambitious goal drives our determination to excel and elevate our status in the global market.

2. SUNTECH Mission

As a representative of Chinese machinery, our mission at SUNTECH is to showcase the beauty of intelligent manufacturing "made in China" to the world. We strive to create machinery and solutions that are not only embraced by the world but also loved for their innovation, quality, and craftsmanship.

SUNTECH Core Product Lines

1. Automatic Fabric Inspection and Packing Line

Our cutting-edge technology combines camera inspection, automatic cutting, labeling, taping, packing, sorting, and stacking functionalities. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient and precise fabric handling and preparation.

2. STelego Fully Electric Warp Beam Lift Trolleys (Trucks) with AC Technology and Gel Battery:

STelego represents a revolutionary advancement in warp beam handling. By integrating intelligent storage for warp beams with modern weaving mill production or preparation systems, these electric warp beam lift trolleys offer unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

SUNTECH Textile Machinery

3. Computerized Warp Beam Storage System (Beam Stacker)

SUNTECH's computerized warp beam storage system is specifically designed to meet the requirements of stocking warp beams, weaving beams, fabric rolls, and control panels. Its user-friendly interface ensures simple operation and smooth workflow management.

SUNTECH Textile Machinery

Driven by our dedication to technology-based manufacturing, SUNTECH Textile Machinery has successfully transformed into an enterprise at the forefront of innovation. We have injected vitality into our company by focusing on the development and implementation of intelligent machinery. Our core values revolve around precision engineering and intelligent manufacturing, which serve as the foundation for our future growth and success.

As a specialist in automation and intelligent manufacturing within the textile industry, SUNTECH aims to provide the most advanced solutions globally. Our vision and ambition extend beyond our own accomplishments, as we actively contribute to the growth of China's machinery sector. Currently, we have established an extensive agent network spanning over 120 countries, including America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, and many others.

At SUNTECH Textile Machinery, our unwavering focus is on the success of our customers. We incorporate value creation for our customers into every action and guideline. We prioritize product quality as our bottom line, offer localized support as a distinctive feature, and drive continuous technological iteration and automation application. By building upon these strengths, we aim to establish the SUNTECH brand as your trusted, favored, and enduring partner. SUNTECH Textile Machinery never ceases to innovate!