The 4th Textile Asia 2007 was successfully held in Karachi Expo center from March 18th-21st, 2007.

Suntech displayed their latest textiles machines:
Fabric Inspection Machine model ST-DFIM-180
Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine model ST-ARPM-240I

The Automatic Fabric Roll Shrink Packing Machine model ST-APRM-240I was sold to M/s. Indigo Textile and the model ST-DFIM-180 Fabric Inspection Machine was sold to M/s. Qasimi Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. at this show.
The standard models of Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine were expanded to four types: ST-APRM-180I & ST-APRM-180II & ST-APRM-240I & ST-APRM-240II.